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Production Automation, Tooling & Die Components

H & P Technologies, Inc. offers the highest quality Production Automation, Tooling & Die Components, including:

  • Toggle clamps
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic clamping equipment
  • Drill bushings & tooling components
  • Thread inserts
  • Alignment pins
  • Hoist rings
  • Handles, knobs & screw clamps
  • Locators

ACTEK MFG. – Hoist rings.  Standard and special drill bushings.  Jig, fixture and tooling components.

ALL AMERICAN – Standard and special drill bushings. Jig, fixture and tooling components.

AMERICAN DRILL BUSHING – Standard and customized hoist rings and drill bushings.

BONEHAM METAL PRODUCTS – Nitride nitralloy bushings.

CARR LANE – Tooling, jig and fixture components. Alignment pins, handles, knobs, hoist rings, spring loaded devices, supports, locators, clamps, jig and fixture bases, modular fixturing and hydraulic workholding.

DE-STA-CO – Mechanical, air and hydraulic clamps for automotive and industrial manufacturing applications. Grippers, indexers, slides, robotic tooling and remote handling products for workplace and automation needs. Cylinders and hydraulic workholding products.

ENERPAC – Hydraulic clamping and workholding components and systems. Linear cylinders, swing cylinders and work supports. Pumps, valves, gauges, hoses and system components.

FAIRLANE – Bumpers, rollers, grippers, workholding and positioning components.

HELI-COIL – Precision-formed threaded inserts for the automotive, aerospace, defense and electronics industries. Taps and tools for installation and thread repair kits.

HYTEC – Hydraulic clamping and workholding components and systems.

JERGENS – Tooling components, rollers, bumpers and vacuum cups.

LUBO – Self-lubricating, spherical and bronze bearings and bushings. Die and mold components.

NAAMS STANDARDS – L-blocks, shims, spacers, locating pins, riser angle brackets, locaters and stop blocks.

OIL LUBE – Powdered metal and cast bronze bearings.

STAFFORD – Shaft collars and rigid shaft couplings.

STILSON – Machine tool components used for clamping, locating and positioning.  Grippers, rollers, bumpers and vacuum cups.

TE-CO – Tooling components, spring and ball plungers, vise systems, modular fixturing columns and plates.

YILLIK – Custom and standard carbide bushings, bearings, guides and drill bushings.

ZAYTRAN – Grippers, actuators and pin packages.