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Custom Products

H&P Technologies, Inc. designs and manufactures a wide variety of custom assembly and installation tools. Share your application with our design and manufacturing team and we will work together to find a system to do the job reliably, ergonomically, efficiently, and economically.

We offer:

  • Complete in-house design and engineering services
  • Machining, manufacturing, welding and fabrication capabilities
  • UL Listed panel shopscreen-shot-2016-09-13-at-11-52-19-am


Below are just a few examples of the custom tools we have designed, manufactured and shipped to customers throughout the world:


  • Single and Multiple Spindle Assembly Tools and Systems
  • Balancer Installation Tools and Systems for Automotive Engine Assembly
  • Power Steering Pulley Installation Tools and Systems
  • Dowel Pin Installation Tools and Systems
  • Bearing and Seal Installation Tools and Systems
  • Specialty Presses
  • Specialty Material Removal Tools and Systems
  • Bolt, Screw, and Rivet Feeders and Assembly Systems
  • Weld and Material Destruction Tools and Systems
  • Lubrication and Material Dispensing Portable Carts and Systems
  • Custom Lifting Systems